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Family Promise of Pulaski County

Working every day to give children

and their families faith, hope, and love.

COVID-19 has jolted our entire community into a place of uncertainty and uneasiness; from a lack of critical supplies on grocery store shelves to a total adjustment in our daily schedules. We are fearful for the future and want so desperately to protect those close to our hearts. We stay in our homes. We sanitize and re-sanitize every inch of our surfaces. We wash our children's hands with soap and warm water.  But what happens when you don't have a home to shelter in? Or even a surface to sanitize? And what if you were one of the 16 million and counting Americans that has lost work as a result of Coronavirus shut downs?

There is simply no other way to cut it: we are facing a public health crisis, and we cannot turn our backs on the most vulnerable members of our community now. 

We are working overtime to make sure that that does not happen. Here's how we're doing it:

  • Eviction Prevention and Shelter Diversion: We figure, the best way to keep people off the street or from needing shelter is to keep them in their homes to begin with. For families who are one paycheck away from losing their residence during this uncertain time, we are working to provide them with the emergency relief assistance necessary to make sure that does not happen. 

  • Advocate, Advocate, Advocate: Now is not the time to be quiet. Now is the time to let local and national officials aware of issues facing the homeless at this time. We are uniting with members of our community and advocates across the nation to stop all evictions immediately, put a moratorium on rent and mortgage payments, and suspend utility payments, as well as to safeguard public meal programs and meals for children.

  • Protect Community Health: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has consistently cited thorough hand-washing as one of the main ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In order to protect individuals experiencing homelessness and the community at large, we have set up a number of community hand-wash stations for public use. 

But we can not do this alone. The most important element that unites all the efforts, is that they are community driven. We have already seen an amazing show of support, but we need your help to ensure these programs can continue.

We know that these are difficult times, but the power of our community is stronger than ever!

Our Mission

Family Promise of Pulaski County increases the awareness of homelessness in our community through advocacy and volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and within congregations of various faiths. We offer solutions to prevent and end homelessness, upstream people out of poverty, and empower self-sufficiency.



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Not every member of a congregation can go on a mission trip to Kenya or Haiti or even New Orleans or Joplin, but every member, regardless of age, can go to his or her own house of worship and serve in mission.  

Family Promise of Pulaski County makes that scenario possible by bringing carefully screened homeless families with children to your congregation.


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