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Volunteers Needed!

Our shelter model pre-COVID-19 anticipated closing its doors temporarially from mid-August until mid-November to target out-of-school months for families. However, in our new reality, we recognize that we cannot turn our backs on families when they need us the most. Unfortunately we have quite a few weeks in which we urgently need volunteers to step up and provide meals or meal services for the families that we will be sheltering in the coming months. If you are able to commit to any of the following volunteer opportunities please let us know.

1) Volunteers to pick up and deliver basic grocery items to the day center to be dispersed to the families.

2) Volunteers to provided cooked, frozen meals to be dispersed to the families (these meals will need to be portioned so that they can be thawed and reheated in the hotel room microwaves).

3) Monetary donations in the form of gift cards to be used by FP to purchased groceries (Walmart, Visa gift cards, checks acceptable) and gift cards to meal delivery services (Grub Hub, Door Dash) to be dispersed to the families.

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